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Where can i buy Viagra online?

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Benefits of Viagra from Pfizer

The world’s most reputed pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, is on the mission to help men all over the world with erectile dysfunction to achieve satisfactory erection through its famous drug Viagra. Despite the increasing competition in the world of drug industry, Pfizer stands tall producing Viagra since 1998.

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Benefits of Viagra Generic

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Maslow, a great phsycologist of his times, said that fulfillment of sexual desire is as important as the provision of food and shelter. The disease of impotence hinders the fulfillment of sexual desires thus trapping man in the lower level of basic human needs. A number of drugs have made their way into the market each claiming to cure impotence but the most popular drug known to effectively treat the evil of impotence is Viagra.

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Viagra helps you escape from the dark cave of impotence and delve into the sea of sexual pleasures

Drug usage

Viagra works by dilating the muscles in the penile region. Once the musles get dilated, the penis gets uninterrupted blood. It has been noted that the more blood flows, the greater the erection would be. Moreover, the erection would last for many hours till the blood flows.

How taken

Viagra is avialable in tablet form. An oral drug, Viagra has to be used about thirty to sixty minutes ahead of any relation with your partner. Once having taken Viagra, the effect is known to last for a very long period. The normal prescribed Viagra dosage is 50 mg for healthy adults. Elderly persons who are above 65 years should have to take Viagra with caution. Doctos only prescribe 25 mg of Viagra tablet for elders.

More information

Viagra should not be bought from the drug store without consulting your doctor. The doctor is only the right person who can decide whether Viagra is suitable to your health and about the prescription.

Once you approach the doctor for your impotency problems, frankly discuss with him about all your health problems. Let your doctor know if you have heart related problems, liver or kidney diseases, high blood pressure, vision issues and problems with your penis.


You should also detail the phycisian on all the medicines, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, that you are using. This is needed as viagra may interact with certain medicines.

Doctors will not give Viagra if you are using nitrate contaning drugs. This is because Viagra taken along witgh nitrate drugs can lower the pressure to very unsafe levels, which can have adverse impact. Viagra may also be not advised if you are using any alpha drugs.

It is good to avoid alcohol while using Viagra as it can only augment the side effects.

After using Viagra some persons have come across erections that lasted for many hours. This is not good for the penis as longer erections tend to damage it. If you come across ay such situation, better consultte doctyor at the earliest.

Well, it has also been seen that some persons had visiosn problems while usiong viagra. But it is not established I thi impotency drug is the cause of this condition. It has been seen that such a condition was expereinced by persons who have high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Diabetic persons have also faced such a condition.

Side effects

Viagra is also not an exception to th side effects and allergic reactions. Well, there is nothing to fear as the side effects are not that harsh and wl not last for any hours.

Some of the side effects wth Viagra include headache, Indigestion, flushing and abnormal vision.

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